One more case of coronavirus

Total now eight cases in Madeira

Coronavirus daily conferenceIn a slight adjustment to the detailed figures, the Health Authorities have announced that there are four citizens of Madeira among the eight confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Madeira. The details were revealed today the vice president of IASAÚDE, Bruna Gouveia, at the press conference on balance to Covid-19. Previously, when the total was six cases, five were said to be Dutch, and one Madeiran who had travelled back from Dubai.

The Diario reports that all of them contracted the disease outside Madeira. The other four cases that confirmed a positive analysis are all citizens of Dutch nationality, tourists who are visiting the Region.

Five of the infected people are aged between 60 and 69 years old, while the other three are between 70 and 79 years old. Six are women and two are men. All of these patients are stable in the isolation unit at Dr Nélio Mendonça Hospital and none of them has yet to be sent to the negative pressure room.

In total, 62 suspected cases have been analyzed so far, resulting in 53 negative analyses. There is, at this moment, a suspicious case awaiting laboratory analysis at the Regional Laboratory of SESARAM. There are 345 people in active surveillance, including 12 health professionals who have been in contact with infected people or have travelled to areas with active contamination.

In self-isolation, there are 1,208 people on the island. In addition, the SRS24 line received 101 calls until 3 pm today, now totalling 3,190 since its operation.

Meanwhile, the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, revealed at this press conference that a flight from Germany, with 70 passengers, which should have arrived in Madeira today, ended up being cancelled, after contacts initiated by the Regional Government with the German authorities.



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