Santa Cruz new website …

… featuring local heritage, landmarks, cultural agenda and major events

Link to Santa Cruz websiteJM report that the municipality of Santa Cruz has launched a new website. It was launched yesterday afternoon and features information on local heritage, landmarks, cultural agenda and major events, restaurants and tourist developments. The Tourism Officer for Santa Cruz explained that this is a strategy of the culture and tourism councils for the dissemination of information of interest to locals and visitors – it has English and German versions.

The choice of a site outside the municipality’s official platform is because of the search features that people choose to look for information like the one that is now available. The site is the result of two years of work, which involved the entire process of translation into English and German and collection of various photographic records.

The site will also have links to sites such as ‘Madeira almost forgotten’, which featured here in 2013 and RTP Play to view the 600 minutes on Santa Cruz.

At the inauguration, President Filipe Sousa stressed that this is another stage of the path begun in 2013, when it was decided to create a field for tourism. An idea that was not understood by everyone, but which “has always made sense to us and has always been part of our macro vision of municipal management and the consolidated plan for municipal development”. “I remember that in our first election program we promised that the tourism sector would take a leading role in our municipal management, reflecting the importance of tourism in the municipality of Santa Cruz, which is RAM’s second tourist hub, just after Funchal” (not sure about the “just”!).

Santa Cruz not exploiting full potential

The mayor recalled that in Santa Cruz is concentrated the second largest hotel chain of the archipelago, without, however, this fact deserved, until 2013, due attention by those who managed the destinations of this municipality. “An omission that made that sector not properly exploited to its full potential and synergies to act as a motor of its own dynamics and as a lever for other parallel activities. The historical relevance of the built heritage, the scenic beauty and its paths, the charming flavours of gastronomy and sweets, the ethnography, the uniqueness of the festive traditions are decisive arguments for the tourist attractiveness of Santa Cruz. Elements that now come together in this site, which I believe to be an asset for the promotion of all our potential and the destination of Santa Cruz in the broader plan of Madeiran tourism”.

“This is a course to continue with the responsibility and seriousness that we have implemented to our management. But also with the courage that all the management of public affairs entails I remember that we were the first county to implement a tourist eco-tax, a measure that deserved the unanimous opposition of almost everyone, even those who today consider a tax of the same kind. regional level a necessity and even something unavoidable, ”he stressed.

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