“Madeiran Heritage” success

12,000 visit Igreja do Colégio

College Church, part of the Madeiran Heritage programThe Diario reports that volunteer-oriented visits began to take place six years ago at one of the most notable buildings in the centre of Funchal. Since then the Church of St. John the Evangelist, commonly known as the College Church, has received about 12,000 visitors.

Thee College Church is an integral part of the Madeiran Heritage program, recognized with 9 awards and distinctions, with visits guided by Portuguese and foreign volunteers from the Académica da Madeira enabled a greater knowledge and appreciation of the historical and religious heritage of this building that was built 450 years ago.

One of the volunteers, Dulce Rodrigues, who guides educational visits, adds that visitors, including students from various schools in the region, “emphasize the beauty of the tiles, dating from around 1720 with allegories to the Book of Revelation, the work of St. John the Evangelist. ”

The interior of the College Church, part of the Madeiran Heritage programIt was the Society of Jesus, a religious order that was recognized by Pope Paul III in 1540, which founded the complex, which integrates the Jesuit College of Funchal and the College Church, dedicated to the Apostle John the Evangelist. This was one of the first colleges created outside Europe, the first school in Madeira and one of the richest Jesuit institutions in the Crown.

Educational visits occupy the second place of guided visits since 2014, in a total of 2,010 students from different levels of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. First of all is the AudioGuia visit, as it allows visits in 4 languages ​​(Portuguese, English, French and German) and a more ad-hoc arrangement where visitors can explore the building at their own pace and taste.

Madeiran Heritage program

The monuments and attractions that are part of the Madeiran Heritage program are the Jesuit College of Funchal, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Funchal Town Hall, the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, the Santa Clara Monastery, the city’s historic centre and, since November 2017, the Quinta Vigia.

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