Car Parking “funny business”. Financial assistance for Gaula and estimates for Santa Cruz fire damage.


Create your own car parking spot!

The Police have recently served several notices of “infraction for improper parking” on residents in the centre of Funchal. The operation was done in collaboration with the Departamento de Trânsito da Câmara.

According to the statement of the Regional Command of the PSP during the enforcement action, it was detected that some car owners had changed the road markings. Once verified, those who had no right to the spaces were charged with several “notices of infraction for improper use of resident space” (the parking space for residents requires the payment of a fee).

Well done! Can of spray paint going in the car boot tomorrow!

Assistance for fire-stricken Gaula

The CDS-PP (the second most popular political party in Madeira at the last election behind Alberto Joao Jardim and his PPD party – astonishingly in power since 1978) has contributed about 15,500 euros to help the victims of the fires in July in  Gaula. The financial help, made through the ‘Outreach Project CDS’, was made this afternoon at the end of a visit that party leaders and elected officials of the parish undertook to some parts of Gaula.

"We participated in this effort of the parish council of Gaul with 15,482 euros," said the leader of the popular regional council, José Manuel Rodrigues, stating that the money was used in the recovery of housing, purchase of household appliances, food support to families victims of fires, supply of water and to feed volunteers that participated in the work of cleaning.

"It was an example of selflessness work undertaken by mayors of Gaula, and the efforts of volunteers around this cause," said José Manuel Rodrigues.

Elvio Sousa, president of the Parish Council, thanked the praises, and reciprocated. "It is these attitudes, these actions that citizenship needs, the population needs, because one thing is coming here to the parish say you have to help, when the most is important to realize how to help the CDS-PP promised and fulfilled, "said the mayor, saying that hundreds of people have benefited from this assistance.

We have friends in the Gaula area and apparently the greenery is recovering remarkably quickly (update from Jon at Casa Parsons please!?). Another friend suggested that it was a great opportunity to collect all the empty bottles that had been exposed by the fire – surely somebody would pay for the collection/recycling?

On a slightly larger scale:

It will takes €4 million to restore the homes affected by the recent fires in the municipality of Santa Cruz (including Gaula above).

The City Council has concluded the survey and registration of damage caused by fires in County’s dwellings. 139 “permanent” houses were identified and assessed with damages in "that match the criteria," a statement issued by the municipality stressing that "these numbers do not include damage sustained on second homes, rentals, or uninhabited homes or houses of emigrants."

"Of these 139 dwellings, 21 were considered a total loss, and only 97 can be considered that are guaranteed minimum conditions of habitability required (total of 42 without housing conditions)," says the Chamber.

15 families have been rehoused by HMI – Housing Investment of Madeira and "on the ground already appears that the works carried out by families, using the donations given by individuals, companies, associations and government agencies, will be created enabling conditions habitability necessary for people to return to their homes. example of this is the parish of Santa Cruz, which as a whole saw 100 of the 139 cases identified.

As for the 4 million needed for recovery, the municipality said that "negotiations are being developed between the City of Santa Cruz, the Regional Secretariat for Social Affairs and the Government, to assess what funds might be available in this form of reconstruction support families victims of this disaster".

Monster Marlin Catch

The UK Newspaper “Sun” reports:

BRIT Steve Williams has landed the biggest marlin caught in the world this year – a 750lb whopper.

Steve, 52, snagged the 14ft beast just an hour after going to sea.

It dwarfed the boat he had hired with pals for a fishing break – and took an hour and 45 minutes to haul alongside.

Builder Steve made the catch last week off the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The dad of two, from Par, Cornwall, said: “It’s my biggest fish ever and I’ve caught plenty.

“By the time I’d landed it I was knackered and my whole body ached for two days after.

“We eventually let it go and to be able to let it swim off after we had done battle for so long was a great experience.

Read more:

11 thoughts on “Car Parking “funny business”. Financial assistance for Gaula and estimates for Santa Cruz fire damage.”

  1. Apologies Anneke – you are quite correct – the story came through as a fresh “newsfeed” yesterday. A quick Google shows that this was in fact a bit of a “tiddler” with catches being recorded at twice the weight in Hawaii and the States. Unusual for the Sun NOT to publish pictures!

  2. Well done to CDS-PP of Gaula ….. Filipe Sousa, one of the party founders, was elected to serve on the Camara of Santa Cruz whilst his brother, Elvio Sousa, now continues their good work as president of the Parish Council of Gaula. Together with José Manuel Rodrigues, as leader of the popular regional council, they are a welcome force to be reckoned with and have done more genuine good for the people of Gaula than ever the PSD (and Berties cronies) ever did!

    I will indeed pen some appropiate words about the “green grass of Gaula” as soon as we have recovered from “guest lag” – our lively N Irish friends having just departed with their hangovers but leaving me with mine and a bottle bank to fill!

  3. Chris Blandy has written to say that is firm is not providing a new ferry from the mainland to Madeira..
    He had heard the rumours that it was going to Blandy Shipping Lines.
    Perhaps Fred Olsen Lines will do it.
    Or if not a new firm.
    Wish there were some spin or press releases from Pres. Jardim
    Silence could mean that nothing is being organised.
    One of my MEPs offered to provide me with the considerable paperwork needed to submit to the EU should I wish to organise my own ferry.
    He hadn’t thought that suggestion through.
    Another was convinced there were several private ferries serving the Island.
    We bother to elect politicians???

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