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170 Jobless Teachers ; Série Madeira €6 Tickets ; House Building Slump ; €250k / Mandate

(3rd September). Today’s main news headline : ‘Teachers Worried – Those that don’t have ties seek the Employment centre; 1,402 await contacts’. The government plans to renew contracts with 1,402 teachers, 170 fewer than in the academic year 2008 / 09. The new school year starts on 21st September, but teachers are already preparing themselves for the ............  ...read more

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Nacional Triumph ; Benefit Scam Uncovered ; Mosquitoes Lying Low ; TAP Strike Controlled

(28th August). Today’s main news story and photo, with about two thirds of the front page : ‘In The Elite Of Europe – With a deceive draw yesterday in St. Petersburg (1-1), Nacional eliminated the millionaires of Zenit and move on now to the must sought after group phase. A historic deed that launches the Madeiran club into another galaxy of European football. The ............  ...read more

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Houses To Order ; Emergency Landing ; Free Use Of Eco Buses ; 4th Annual Dog Show

(21st August). Today’s main news headline : ‘Houses To Order – The crisis attacks home construction on Porto Santo, where the fall is at a dive: 69.3%. Up until June, the council had issued 35 building permits, against 198 in 2008. The builders only build to order now’. I did read the full article, but it is much the same story as anywhere else, which has ............  ...read more

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Sand Castles In Porto Santo ; Mopeds For Kids ; Nacional Draw ; Santa Cruz Market

(16th August). Today’s main news headline : ‘Priests Critical But Not Political – José Luís Rodrigues, the controversial parish priest of São Roque and São José, doesn’t mix faith with politics. But he will continue to intervene and give his opinion. On the sacraments, he says that he resists the baptism. And the times show that it is not worthwhile that the ............  ...read more

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Monte Big Night ; Football Season Starts ; Car Drivers OK For Motorbikes ; New Schools

(14th August). The main photo on today’s front page shows a rather bored looking man dressed all in while leant against his idle wicker basket (the type you ride in) : ‘The Problem With Monte Is The Lack Of Parking – Monte lives a period of great festival, with the usual gathering. But actually the rest of the year to stop there in a car is a chore’............  ...read more

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Santo Amaro Raided ; Tourism Fights Gripe A ; Levada Restorations ; Funchal 501 Programme

(13th August). Today’s main news headline : ‘Tourism Gathers Together Partners To Prevent Gripe – Hotel owners and doctors in service in the sector were in Monday in ‘The Tourism’, together with ‘The Health’, to harmonise procedures to slow the spread of the virus. For now, there are information leaflets for the hotel guests’. Amongst ............  ...read more

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Porto Santo Hotels, Ferry, Property etc. etc. ; São Gonçalo Spotlighted ; Communists Everywhere

(12th August). Today’s main front page story : ‘Searches Of Suitcases Destroy Luggage – Passengers coming from Venezuela complain that at the Airport of Maiquetia the suitcases searched were punctured with ‘ice picks’ that damaged the luggage. Travel Agents were yesterday in the Venezuelan consulate in Funchal to condemn the situation. The consul Félix Mendez ............  ...read more

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