HP Sorcerer

Well I have left it really late to publish todays blog, for the simple reason I didn’t want anyone else to know about todays exiting news until tomorrow.

Harry Potter is on Madeira tonight …. no not the character silly, he doesn’t really exist! The 7th book ‘Harry Potter and ............  ...read more

Weird News from Afar

Taking a break from local news today, and to brighten up or otherwise a couple of grey days, the madeira4u blog news research team has gone worldwide to report weird stories of the week.

1. The story about an indian man who married a stray dog (bitch). Under advice from a guru, after having stoned ............  ...read more

Shopping For Survival

Source : Diário de Notícias 16/11/2007

According to a recent study the population of Madeira spend €353 million a year in supermarket purchases (food, drink, and regular household expenditure. That works out at an average €399 euros per month, for Madeira’s 74,000 families, which is roughly ............  ...read more

Christmas cheer …. not!

Source : Diário de Notícias 15/11/2007

The Portuguese are going to spend an average of €596 this Christmas, €276 of which is destined to buy the usual presents.  The forecasts are the results of a study by Deloitte, released this week, that has identified a proprotional fall in expenditure ............  ...read more

Competitive Flying

Sources : Diário de Notícias 14/11/2007

EasyJet pressures British operators to launch package holidays with low cost flights.

The start of the low cost flights coming from British airports to Madeira, in particular EasyJet, is putting some pressure on the traditional holiday companies, unable to ............  ...read more