Madeira Condemned!

Source : Nagional Geographic Magazine Nov / Dec 2007

National Geographic Magazine is a prestigious publication (you know, the one that you always find in the dentists waiting room) and when they publish something, then it is normal to give it plenty of credibility.

They have done an analysis of the ............ more

Plight of the starving

Source : Diário de Notícias 2/11/2007

The editorial page of the D de N talks about the number of people in Funchal lacking sufficient food, and the effect this has on the individuals and society, and the issue of poverty generally within the region.

I don’t go to Funchal too often if I can help ............ more

The Big Madeira Rip-Off !

The big Madeira rip-off culture for foreigners and tourists is still alive and well I see, as having gone several months with nothing of note (partly because I choose carefully where I go and who I trust), the sting was definately on me … or was I totally mistaken?

Before I go any further ............ more