Car Insurance

source – A Guy In A Pub 30/8/2007

Actually, this guy is a teacher, and teachers are never wrong, eh! Apparently car insurance is set to rocket generally by up to 20%.

bloggers comment – Whilst I have no source to confirm this fact, my insurance premium each year over the ............ more


source – Diário de Notícias 14/8/2007

In an article about immigration to the island during 2006, it was reported that legally registered residents from foreign countries had increased by 71% during the year to 6,734 (2,538 in 2000). The biggest group of foreigners now on the island were from ............ more


Local News From The Madeiran Media & Other Snippets.

We don’t get much news of excitement here on the island. If you pick up the local newspapers you will find much about politics, sport and local events. We get very little crime, and most ............ more

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