Food & Drink, Home & Out – Information Sheet


The Madeirans love to go out and eat, and whilst it is very affordable for many western Europeans, it is comparatively expensive for many people on Madeira on minimum wage of around €500 per month.

Madeira has snack bars and restaurants in vast numbers from one end to the other. Most of the snack bars prepare steak sandwiches and burgers, but there are a great many restaurants specialising ............ more

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Emergency Procedures & Contacts – Information Sheet





In the event of injury or illness whilst on the Madeira, it is well equipped to deal with most problems locally, and if not it is not so far to reach the main Madeira hospitals in Funchal. If the situation is serious phone 112 for all ............ more

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Buying, Selling & Renting Property On Madeira – Information Sheet

A Lay-Mans Guide To Buying Property On Madeira

There are numerous sources for finding property for sale, newspapers, websites, and estate agents being the most common. Those not advertised, but for sale, often display a sign "VENDE-SE".

Having found the house you want to buy, take the attitude that property prices are always negotiable, even if you don’t speak the same language as ............ more

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Tax & Taxation On Madeira – Information Sheet

Tax Liability

If you live on Madeira either all of the time or most of the time, you automatically become resident for tax purposes for your Portuguese and worldwide income, regardless of whether you have a permit to work or reside on the island. Tax status is not a matter of choice, its a matter of fact, and if you fail in your obligations you will be fined as a minimum.

You may be deemed to be ............ more

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Obtaining Residency On Madeira – Information Sheet

If you (and your partner, if applicable) are citizens within a European country, without any nationality complications, you normally have the right to live, work and retire on Madeira if you comply with the laws and processes which govern this region of Portugal. However, you should check your circumstances with the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy in your country before planning a long term move ............ more

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Health & Medical Care On Madeira – Information Sheet

Qualifying For Free Health Care Under The Portuguese Health Service.

If you are resident on Madeira, you are entitled to make use of the health service and enjoy the same benefits & standards of health care as a portuguese citizen with doctors & health centres. However, in order to obtain residency it has been necessary in the past to demonstrate that you already have medical protection ............ more

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Schools & Education On Madeira – Information Sheet


The school education system on Madeira falls under the remit of the Portuguese education system, although there are some important differences outside of the curriculum itself.

The school year commences late September for most students, and runs across 3 terms, with breaks at Christmas and Easter, and then for almost 3 months during the summer. There are no half term breaks in Madeira schools. ............ more

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