Rockfall / Xmas Lights / Yet more flight announcements …

Source : Diário de Notícias 23/11/2007

I guess most people have heard by now about the huge rockfall in Câmara de Lobos that killed two workers that went out for a cigarette. Judging by the pictures in todays paper, it seems fortunate that the fall wasn’t further along the cliff, where there is a large building that would probably have been buried with far more severe consequences.

Don’t ............ more

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Scheduled Flights Between Boston USA and Madeira

SATA Flights Boston – Madeira

Source : Diário de Notícias 22-11-2007

The Azores airline group SATA today announced the launch of a new scheduled service between Boston (USA) and Maderia.

The new flight will operate all year, every Friday, in both directions, using an Airbus A310-300. Return flights are priced at €410. No mention of when its starts, and due to my inadequate grasp of Portuguese, ............ more

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Choca-Bloca endorsed by Google … water … VAT … footie etc.

Not a huge amount in the news today, so a few comments on other matters.

The EU plans to significantly change the VAT system, in a way that could have adversley affected Madeira’s economy seem to have been blocked for now, thankfully. Plans for e-commerce sales to be taxed at the current rate in the country of consumption rather than the county of supply, would have made Madeira’s internet ............ more

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HP Sorcerer

Well I have left it really late to publish todays blog, for the simple reason I didn’t want anyone else to know about todays exiting news until tomorrow.

Harry Potter is on Madeira tonight …. no not the character silly, he doesn’t really exist! The 7th book ‘Harry Potter and the Charms of the Death’, or better known to us English speakers as ‘Harry Potter and the ............ more

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A sad anniversary … / The Internet grasps Madeira

Source : Diário de Notícias 19/11/2007

Air Disaster

A sad reminder on the day of the 30th anniversary of the worst air accident in Madeira’s history.

On 19th November 1977, a Boeing 727-200 coming into Madeira Airport made two unsuccesful attempts to land, and ended up overshooting the runway. Of the 164 people on board, 131 died, with extensive injuries amongst the remainder.

The official ............ more

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Weird News from Afar

Taking a break from local news today, and to brighten up or otherwise a couple of grey days, the madeira4u blog news research team has gone worldwide to report weird stories of the week.

1. The story about an indian man who married a stray dog (bitch). Under advice from a guru, after having stoned a dog to death and suffering with bad luck ever since, our subject took the vows. Seemingly the dog ............ more

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More Supermarket News … LIDL GO HOME!

Source Diário de Notícias 17/11/2007

Following yesterdays article about the Madeira’s hypermarket dominance in household shopping, it came as a bit of a surprise to read in todays D de N, that LIDL, the massive German supermarket chain with over 5,000 European stores has been trying for some years to open 7 stores (over 8,000 sq metres in total) on Madeira, without success. The plans have ............ more

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