TAPs most popular destination, Water Shortages, Recycling Batteries

Source : Diário de Notícias 18/1/2008

TAP (The Portuguese Airline) have published some figures about their air traffic during 2007. It seem that their scheduled flights between Lisbon and Madeira are the most popular of all their routes with 559 thousand passengers using that service last year. Throughout the year, TAP transported nearly 8 million passengers, and increase of over 12% on 2006.

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New Fishing Rights?, Levada Accidents, Porto Santo Ferry

Source : Diário de Notícias 17/1/2008

Nearly 7 years after the initial proposal from Madeira, its seems that today a new agreement is to be signed between Portugal and Spain, regarding fishing rights and territories. If signed, as expected, from 1st February this year Madeiran fishermen will be entitled to fish the territorial waters of the Canary Islands in a reciprocal agreement that also includes ............  ...read more

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Tunnel Walkers, Levada Death, New Flights

Source : Diário de Notícias 17/1/2008

Did you know that it is prohibited to walk through some of the many tunnels that drill through Madeira mountainous terrain, even though you can see pavements on both sides? The ones you cannot walk through are supposed to be marked at the entrances. However, many people do walk through these tunnels, and the numbers are increasing every year. A aside from running ............  ...read more

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Exchange Rates & Property Purchase Pitfalls

Wow, a few chilly nights this week, lower than I have come to expect. If the temperature gets any lower I will have to resort to long sleeve shirts! Thankfully the daytimes are still very pleasant.

For the numerous british that thought they could find a cheap holiday on Madeira, the decline of the pound against the euro must have come as a bit of a shock. A quick check today shows that £1 will only ............  ...read more

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Recycling … it's more interesting than you think!

I suppose that most visitors to Madeira whilst on their travels see the coloured eco-point recycling bins, and some posters as well, and assume that Madeira is  a recycling island, and are impressed or otherwise? I have just read an article in todays Diário saying that São Vicente is just being equipped with recycling bins, so it sort of triggered a few thoughts. If São Vicente is just now ............  ...read more

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A few snippets from todays newspaper

Source : Diário de Notícias 14/1/2008

There is little of great interest to report in todays paper, so just a short news blog today.

There are 4 crime stories, including a tourist mugging, 2  robberies from a bakery and a bar, and the reported arrest of 3 petrol thieves. In an extensive interview with the Commissioner of Police on Madeira in yesterday’s Diário, there was no confirmation ............  ...read more

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Hotel Profits, Drug matters, etc.

Nice sunny day here today, with the temperature in the low twenties. More problems at the airport yesterday morning with poor visability, with 4 planes forced to put down on Porto Santo and wait.

I am looking forward to this week when the christmas period is officially finished, and all the decorations should be coming down … It does rather drag on a bit. Which brings me to Tuesday (15th), ............  ...read more

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