News we didn't want to hear …, Selvagens, Car Jacking update, Water up, New ferry

TODAYS PHOTO :  Aida Diva in Funchal on Sunday Night … thanks to Tobi

Source : Diário de Notícias 12/3/2008

In a very sad story in Ponta do Sol, an 83 year old man was burgled and murdered in his home, and was left 3 days before being found after locals noticed he was missing. In a similar case recently a man was hospitalised. Police aren’t saying much at the moment, but arrest(s) ............ more

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New hotel to be built, Syringe exchange, New Porto Santo flights, 'The Gift' on Madeira

TODAYS PHOTO :  I don’t remember where this photo came from, maybe Valley of the Nuns?

Source : Diário de Notícias 11/3/2008

Just after I posted yesterday’s blog, the D de N website returned to life, so  a bit of old news to catch up on …

Câmara de Lobos is to have it’s first ‘real’ hotel. It will be named ‘Quinta de Serrado’, have 100 rooms, ............ more

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Eurovision song contest, and not much else!

TODAYS PHOTO :  just for fun … this ‘azulejo’ work was photographed somewhere on Madeira … anyone know where?

Source : Diário de Notícias 10/3/2008

22nd May 2008 is a day for the diary if you are a fan of the Eurovision song contest, this year being held in Belgrade. In a contest to find the Portuguese entrant, Madeiran songstress Vânia Fernandes (recent winner of the ............ more

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Sorry, yet more Ribeira Brava … !, Car parking, Car-jacking, etc.

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Vic for the splendid photo … A rather dirty looking night sky from last week over Caniço way (I think)

Source : Diário de Notícias 10/3/2008

Just by coincidence, but following on from yesterdays whinge about the town of Ribeira Brava, is a story about that very town. A well known fact is that all the tourist coaches doing the west island tour all arrive at the ............ more

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Time bombs, AIDS on Madeira, Bus Passes, and Der gets ripped-off again!

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Vic for the photo … rough seas last week when Madeira was on weather alert.

Source : Diário de Notícias 9/3/2008

It seems that here is little common sense on Madeira when it comes to the storage of hazardous materials (flammable, explosive etc) as many residents around the island are sat on top of or amongst storage areas that should not be there. Often outside ............ more

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Porto Santo stuff, Machico's chimney, and a personal message for you know who!

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Vic for the photo … it seems those of us over the west side went through oblivious of the weather you were getting in the east on Wednesday/Thursday this week.

Source : Diário de Notícias 8/3/2008

In yet another news-quiet day in a news-quiet week, just a couple of snippets to mention:

In times of rising crime, not even the church escapes, as in Porto Santo the ............ more

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Strike week approaches, weather alert passed, Famous sons, & other snippets

TODAYS PHOTO :  Cat ‘n mouse – nothing to do with Madeira probably, but someone sent it to me yesterday and it looked sort of intriguing, but it’s probably faked.

Source : Diário de Notícias 7/3/2008

If you have not seen the footage of the teacher’s protests on the continent, you may well see them here on Madeira tomorrow. In a protest aimed at showing dissatisfaction ............ more

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