Flower Festival, Jet Skiing, Viagra, Politics 'behind closed doors', etc.

TODAYS PHOTO : Thanks to Sheila for the photo and commentary“A beautiful sight …….. One of the many “flower carpets” at present to be seen in central Funchal.  This is just part of Madeira’s spectacular Flower Festival, the cost of which must be astronomical. All these wonderful blooms will be dead in a few days, too. Still, however ............  ...read more

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Van Gogh released, TAP offer for golfers, IVA / VAT, Employment, etc.

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Tobi … The impounded cruise ship ‘Van Gogh’ has finally been released, and is now sailing to the UK.

The village of São Vicente now has an additional tourist attraction, which is sure to wow those people who are lovers of, or are otherwise interested in, the History, Archaeology and Geology of Madeira: this is the Museology Nucleus of the Limestone ............  ...read more

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Les Misérables, Van Gogh chopped, Drug operation, Weather turn?,

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Wil … A Large Wrasse pictured in Madeira waters. Wil is a frequent diver around the coast of Madeira, and has kindly ‘donated’ the use of a number of underwater photos for the m4u blog.

The amateur theatre troupe, the “Madeira Amateur Dramatic Society” (MADS), shall be presenting, between 16 and 27 April, the famous musical ............  ...read more

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Flower Festival, Household expenditure, Car inspection chaos, and other snippets.

TODAYS PHOTO :  Thanks to Tobi … a waterfall found on the new road down to Garajau beach

I hope you all managed to recognise the ‘April fool’ blog for what it was worth. The Madeira flag (actually the flag of Cyprus) and ‘Sound of Music’ blogs were total fiction, the car parking story is part true in that they are looking at a common policy, but nothing, let alone ............  ...read more

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Alarm clock bomber, Madeira Flag, 'Sound of Music' remake, SPAD / Animal news update

TODAYS PHOTO :  The (my) favoured design for the new Madeira flag … see below

Source : Diário de Notícias 31/3/2008

In an unusual crime in any country, in 2004, a man from São Vicente converted a radio alarm clock into a bomb and used it, seriously maiming another man. Last week he was sent to prison for seven and a half years.

In order to make Madeira more recognisable for tourism, the ............  ...read more

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Blood donors, SATA on Madeira?, British tour operators losing out to Easyjet

TODAYS PHOTO :  An iconic painting found in Sé Cathedral in Funchal

Source : Diário de Notícias 31/3/2008

Blood donors are encouraged to go to the central hospital in Funchal to make regular donations, but in 2007 the amount of donors (and blood donated) diminished due to the lack of car parking facilities. Regular donors receive medals awarded at a free lunch when they achieve certain donation ............  ...read more

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No news, just a blog!

TODAYS PHOTO :  There is a bit of chat about the Marina at Lugar de Baixo on the bulletin board at the moment, so I thought a reminder of the winter it got wrecked might be appropriate

I think we have skipped the rest of spring and gone straight to summer now, after soaking up some of those UV9 rays yesterday. Just timed nicely with the clock changes, so we can get those warm light summer evenings ............  ...read more

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