36 flights now cancelled

Strongest gust recorded at 150 km/h

Keeping the bad news to a minimum, the Diario reports that up to 36 flights have been officially cancelled at Madeira Airport.

The figures updated until 10:00 am today on the airport operator ANA’s official website refer to operations carried out by TAP, easyJet, TuiFly and Condor Flugdienst, ............  ...read more

First “total turnaround” operation called off

Mein Schiff Herz cancels first “total turnaround” operation in the port of Funchal

FN report that it was not a surprise, given the constraints at Madeira Airport yesterday and the adverse weather forecasts for today, that operator TUI and the “Mein Schiff Herz” Commander cancelled the turnaround operation at Funchal Port and brought forward the cruise ship’s departure ............  ...read more

Porto Santo Ferry cancelled

Today’s ferry cancelled

Porto Santo Line has informed the Diario that the ferry scheduled for today, inbound and outbound, will be cancelled “due to bad weather conditions that could jeopardize the safety of the ship and its passengers”.

Tickets scheduled for this date will be automatically transferred ............  ...read more

12 flights already cancelled

Forecast weather arrives early

As this blog has previously stated, it will seek not to dramatise any problems affecting Madeira airport by publishing an endless series of headlines detailing one cancellation after another as windy weather sets in. This is unnecessary bad publicity for the island at a time when it really doesn’t ............  ...read more