Brexit: EHIC card threatened.

EHIC card

EHIC card to go after Brexit?

The Independent today reports that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted that Brexit could mean the end of free medical treatment in the EU for UK citizens: ‘It’s not possible to predict the outcome of the negotiations’, the Health Secretary told MPs who raised questions about the future of the EHIC card.

Brexit: Loss of EHIC ‘to stop thousands of Britons with long-term illnesses taking holidays abroad’

The newspaper reports that Jeremy Hunt has ............ more

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Airline behaviour. FC Porto.

Transavia plane

Transavia dump passengers

A rather alarming story is coming out of the latest batch of flight cancellations at Madeira Airport. On April 24th three French travellers arrived at the Airport, to find that their scheduled Transavia flight from the island back to Paris via Porto had not managed to land. They expected to be put in a hotel by the airline but were told by the handling agent that ............ more

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Fresh air – official! Portugal takes Brexit hit.

Fresh Air

Madeira has cleanest air

Fresh air!: The Diario leads today with the story that Madeira officially boasts the best air quality in Portugal. The archipelago has recorded the best atmospheric quality in a national survey and registered the lowest occurrence of particles deemed to be potentially dangerous to health.
More good news is that blue skies should be in evidence over the coming ............ more

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Airport problems. Beaches ready for summer.

Airport problems affect 500 flights

Airport problems worsen

Airport problems: Friday’s Journal led with the headline that 500 flights had been affected by wind conditions at Madeira airport over the first four months of the year. When you read the text the actual figure was 496, but the weather kindly obliged and Saturday morning saw another four diversions, which neatly justified the nice round total! Despite recent ............ more

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NRP Sagres to visit Funchal

 Tall Ship NRP Sagres to visit Funchal

The Journal reports that the NRP Sagres departed today from Lisbon for a trip to the east coast of the United States, and is scheduled to make its first stop at the port of Funchal btween April 30 to May 3, according to the Madeira Maritime Zone Command. The ship was launched in 1937 and has been a training ............ more

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EU visa charge after Brexit? Another Ronaldo record.

EU entry charges post Brexit

EU entry charge of €7 mooted post-Brexit

EU entry charge post Brexit: The Express reports that EU ambassadors have announced another important step in protecting the EU’s external borders, which could mean Britons would have to pay €7 to submit a “travel authorisation” application before travelling to the Continent. An agreement has been reached by the Bulgarian Council presidency and European ............ more

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Flower Festival success. Rain forecast.

Flower Festival 2018

Flower Festival success

The rain that had threatened just about held off and the Flower Festival managed to proceed as planned yesterday. It was, however, an unusually cold day by local standards. A few videos (below) have already appeared on YouTube, with more being filmed using drones this year. The Weather Institute is predicting more rain throughout the island  for the start of this ............ more

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