Most Brits now against Brexit.

Most Brits now back a second referendum – Sky

Just one in seven Britons think the draft Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May is better than either a “no-deal” Brexit or remaining in the EU, a Sky Data poll reveals. The prime minister warned that these were the only three options available to Britain ............ more

Brits in Europe “hold their breath”

Ex-pats in Europe express concern over Brexit “deal”

Thanks to Peter for sending me a link to The Local in Spain, which is viewing recent developments in the UK from a Spanish ex-pat perspective

Much has been made in the media today about the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations but how have British residents in Spain reacted to the news?  Sue Wilson, chair of Bremain in Spain, shared her thoughts with The Local. “The reactions from Bremain in Spain members have ranged from serious concerns over our future citizens’ rights to ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’,” she said.
“It’s been difficult for many to know how to react to the news, as there’s so little information available. We’ve been told a deal has been done, that the UK and the EU have reached an agreement, but where is the evidence?”
LIVE: Brits in Europe hold their breath as Theresa May brings Brexit deal to UK cabinet 

“There has been no announcement from Theresa May or confirmation from Michel Barnier. Only a qualified comment from ............ more

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