Plane returns to Funchal …

… after landing gear fails to retract

FN report that TAP flight 1698 to Lisbon, which left Funchal at 8:49 am this (Saturday) morning, had to return to the runway due to a malfunction of the landing gear.

According to the commander, the system did not function correctly, so they had no alternative but to return to Funchal.

The aircraft flew over Ponta de São Lourenço area for 10 minutes and then landed. The landing was normal.

The landing gear had not retracted, and the aircraft is now on the runway at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport awaiting inspection.

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1 thought on “Plane returns to Funchal …”

  1. I’m not certain but Isn’t there a locking pin that is inserted when the plane comes to a stop at the terminal? If left in the wheels would fail to retract. An airliner can’t go far with the under-cart down so had to return.

    Wheels stuck down is better than not retracting!


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