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Funchal City Council preserving heritage

A street in the Old TownThe Diario reports that yesterday afternoon Funchal Municipal Assembly hosted a debate themed ‘Duties of preservation and defence of the Old Town of Funchal’. The Mayor, Miguel Silva Gouveia, and the rest of the executive were present for the session, where there was “the opportunity to hear two testimonies, one by Professor Ana Salgueiro, with her academic vision on the defence of Zona Velha as an identity heritage separate to Funchal, and another one by João Carlos Abreu, who gave his historical vision on how the Old Town came to have a new life through culture and events”.

The president underlined that “the council (CMF) also had the opportunity to share all the work it has been doing, right from the start in terms of built heritage, seeking to preserve a set of buildings that are already classified heritage of regional interest, with the creation of the first Urban Rehabilitation Area of ​​Madeira, in 2015, which involves the Old Town of the city, establishing very favourable conditions for the rehabilitation of the built heritage, with tax benefits and exemptions from urban fees, and also enabling national financing sources for the effect, as is the case with IFRRU”.

Debate on work conducted in the Old TownRehabilitation of the Old Town

Miguel Silva Gouveia also praised that, in parallel, “work has been carried out to promote housing in that area of ​​the city, and CMF has been delivering several housing apartments for social purposes, after rehabilitating and equipping them”. Also from a cultural point of view, “there has been a substantial amount of work, of which the good rehabilitation of the Capela da Boa Viagem is a good example, which has become a new cultural centre in the city, with its own calendar, the creation of Balcão de Cristal, a theatrical space that we have also recovered, and also the promotion of multiple events in the Old Town, as with the largest urban music festival in the Region, Fica na Cidade, which has a stage next to the Chapel of Corpo Santo”.

The president finally added that “through Municipal Inspection, we have also tried to harmonize the coexistence of commercial spaces and housing spaces, so that there can be economic prosperity, but allied to the quality of life of those who live there”, concluding that “the CMF is developing a work that has borne fruit and that keeps the Old Town of the city as a reference, and Funchal is part of the Portuguese Association of Municipalities with Historic Center and will continue to assume the mission of preserving this which is our heritage identity”.

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    • We stayed there when the Tall Ships visited several years ago. Now we use an apartment above Anadia Shopping centre. Would never stay in any hotel around the Lido/Forum area – full of tourists!


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