Ocean Majesty

53-year-old cruise ship visits Funchal

Thanks to David for the photo of an unusually small and rather charming old cruise ship visiting the port of Funchal at the moment, arriving last night. According to Wikipedia, Ocean Majesty was launched as Juan March for the Madrid based ferry operator Trasmediterránea in 1966. She was the first of two near-identical Albatros-class sisters, the other being the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. During her service with her original owners, Juan March was mainly used to ferry passengers from Spain to the Balearic Islands.

In 1985 she was sold to the Sol Mediterranean and became Sol Christina. However, she was not operated long by these owners and was quickly sold to become the Kyros Star of Opale Lines. She was then sold to Majestic International Cruises, who rebuilt her from her original ferry-like form into a cruise ship, and she received her current name Ocean Majesty.

Majestic International operated her for several years until they chartered Ocean Majesty to Epirotiki in 1994, the latter company renamed her Homeric. She operated under this name operated for a year until her charter expired, and she was subsequently returned to Majestic International and named Ocean Majesty once again. Majestic International has chartered her to many different companies since 1995, most frequently to the British vacation company Page & Moy. Since 2013 she has been operated by German cruise company Hansa Touristik between May and October.

Remarkably, for such a small vessel by today’s “block of flats” cruise ships she can accommodate 621 passengers. She is scheduled to leave this evening.

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  1. Madeira is Portugal’s second shipping register and as such an “offshore” registry. Vessels fly the Portuguese flag and have Madeira as their Port of Registry. More info can be found here :-www.madeira-management.com.

  2. I like the old ships. I particularly loved the old QE2, she had lovely lines. The modern ships may be super efficient but the do look like floating blocks of flats(apartments).

  3. Last of the line sadly, just watched her sail and the Black Watch, now entering her 48 th year, hardly made enough smoke to make a kipper between them, unlike 3 ‘youngsters’ of a “British” fleet that departed earlier this week !!
    A lot of the cruise ships calling in this week have departed for the Caribbean most notably the Arcadia which is heading for New Zealand and Australia via the Pacific Islands after transiting the Panama Canal – a little more costly than the week around the Canaries I suspect!!

  4. My wife and I loved ‘Discovery’ which was originally a sister ship to the one used in the Love Boat TV series. She was run by Voyages of Discovery and had around 600 passengers. At the end her engines were very unreliable and she was passed on to Cruise and Maritime. I think she is scrapped now but we do remember fondly with nostalgia.
    As to blocks of flats- My wife looked out from another small ship the Braemar in Gibraltar once saying ‘What a stupid place to build a block of flats’ I pointed out that it was a cruise ship.
    Today in Funchal there is a huge Aida and vast Saga in port. The line waiting for the Cable Car was vast and the town packed.
    Off to Santa Cruz on Wednesday for Santamaro which is real magic


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