Controversial road sign!

Request for approval backfires

Road sign: Madeira's controversial road signThanks to Maurice for a link to a report in SIC Noticias. It reports that Madeira has a road sign which is unique in the country, and has asked for help from the National Road Safety Authority for a national outreach campaign to publicize it. The answer, however, was not what they expected.

The road sign in question establishes speed limits according to the state of the road on Madeira’s “Rapida” expressway. The signage came into force in late 2018, is unique in the country and is based on a French model.

Road sign explained

The new sign has the relevant road indication (such as “VR1” for regional road 1), followed by a sun and “+10 km / h”. Below is a rain cloud and the signal to comply with the maximum speed established for the location concerned (“VMax”). The second signal created indicates the end of the area in which the first signal is in effect.

The Regional Government of Madeira asked the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) for help with a publicity campaign, but the response was not positive. SIC reports that the ANSR refused to promote the sign, alleging its unconstitutionality, and ordered its withdrawal.

Back in Madeira, the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, said: “the signal stays”. “There is only one entity in the country that can confirm this legality, and it is the Constitutional Court”.

2 thoughts on “Controversial road sign!”

  1. As a regular visitor to Madeira I found these signs to be confusing when I first saw them. However, not as confusing as the constant changes in speed limits that have emerged over the past few years. If you slow up when it changes to 70, everybody overtakes you! Not sure what speed you can drive when it gets dark, but it is dry. Also as the sun cannot shine in a tunnel does the extra 10kmh apply even if it is raining outside? No wonder the authorities ordered its withdrawal.


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