Yet another busy day in port

11,000 visitors scheduled today

The port of Funchal was crowded again this morning, as the photos sent to the blog illustrate. There were three ships docked and a fourth, the Zenith, at anchor, scheduled to dock at 13:00 after the departure of MSC Poesia later today.

The arrival of the 400-berth, 180-crew Berlin is expected after the departure of Zenith at 5:00 pm.

The first of the current ships to arrive in port was Mein Schiff 3 last night, coming from Las Palmas with 2337 passengers and 993 crew. It left at 2:00 pm, heading back to the same destination.

MSC Poetry is on a transatlantic voyage, and arrived from Lisbon, with 2338 passengers and 943 crew members It departs at 1:00 pm, heading to the city of Fortaleza, Brazil.

The Zenith arrives from Tenerife with 924 passengers and 574 crew. At 17:00 it will its continue trip back to the Canary Islands.

AIDAstella came from Las Palmas with 2130 passengers and 622 crew and is sailing early tomorrow at 8:00 am to the island of Lanzarote.

Adding all of the above up, the port of Funchal will today receive a total of more than 11 thousand people (11,441), including passengers and crew.

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