Poor weather still forecast tomorrow

Jet Stream set to influence weather

netweather forcast showing jetstream approaching generating poor weatherFollowing up on a couple of posts recently, the poor weather predictions are still in place.

The image on the left is the netweather prediction for the Jet Stream at 15:00 tomorrow.

The first image below is the windfinder forecast for the next couple of days at Sta Cruz, which appears to show gusts of a strength that could cause problems at the airport – you can update this using the link on the right sidebar. Poor weather seems pretty certain on Thursday

The final graphic today is the BBC forecast for Funchal today, showing up to a 65% probability of showers this afternoon, presumably as the Jet Stream strengthens.

windfinder foreacst for next couple of days as poor weather arrives

BBC foreacst for today as poor weather arrives

1 thought on “Poor weather still forecast tomorrow”

  1. The BBC forecast for the airport is showing winds gusting to 40 mph – Porto Santo and Lobo Marinho are words that spring to mind – Plan B ??

    It’s at times like this that I sometimes regret my insight into the wonders of meteorology, ” ignorance is bliss” as they say !! Another look ahead at the Jet Stream forecast for the weekend 13th – 15th December shows once again it favouring a detour over Madeira, so for all those with flights planned like myself – a note of caution as early indications are Northerly winds possibly around the limits for the airport – still as I keep reassuring my wife – a lot can change in that time !!.

    This is about the 4th time in almost as many weeks this ‘detour’ has occurred and my limited weather knowledge is suggesting that something is ‘blocking’ the jet stream continuing over Europe – that something being a mass of very cold air possibly, and begs the question is N. Europe and the UK in for a prolonged cold spell ? and who knows “a white Christmas – but I would definitely not advise placing a bet on the strength of my thoughts lol !!


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