Madeira’s biggest earthquakes

Map illustrates the history of earthquakes locally

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to an interesting website, earthquake track

This website allows you to specify a location and search for earthquakes in the vicinity.

6 thoughts on “Madeira’s biggest earthquakes”

  1. Really interesting site. Thankfully those around the area are only around the 4.x magnitude and fairly deep.

    You might get the wobbles but you are living on the top of a mountain!

  2. Only a view years ago in January there was an earthquake between Porto Santo and Madeira during the night of which we had no awareness at all.
    When we went down for breakfast in the morning from our 11th floor room there was quite a fuss with people claiming to have been very disturbed. One lady remarked that her bed had moved.
    I could only, with tongue in cheek, say that ‘The Earth moves for us every night’

  3. This is a global organisation that takes data from the various national entities in this case it should be from the IPMA in Portugal. Although it has historical interest for larger earthquakes, for more accurate and more complete up to date information I recommend using the IPMA government website which shows the situation close to Madeira. This is at Our association Safe Communities Portugal works closely with the ANEPC and IPMA and we have plenty of information in English at Specifically you may wish to consider sharing the Civil Protection leaflet in English on protecting oneself from an earthquake which can be downloaded here I hope that helps.


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