Two Ibis hotels for Santa Cruz

Big plans for Santa Cruz

The Diario leads this morning with a report that a project has been presented for two Ibis hotels at ‘Quinta Escuna’ in Santa Cruz. The newspaper explains that on the day the City Council approved the expropriation of the Quinta Escuna, the property owner Tijolo Branco submitted a project to the Secretariat of Tourism for the construction of two units, with 328 rooms in total, by the French brand Accor Hotels.
Not quite sure why the company would want to build two hotels in what is, after all, quite a small town. Albeit it is ideally placed for the airport, but surely building one twice the size is cheaper than building two?

The expropriation of Quinta Escuna was approved at the local council meeting this last week. In 2014 there was speculation that the Quinta and associated plot of land had been sold to a local businessman for €2 million. It certainly is in a prime position in the centre of Santa Cruz.

Feira da Santo da Serra closure confirmed

The same council meeting put the final nail in the coffin for the Sunday Fair at Santa do Serra, despite the constant calls made by the marketers who had delivered a petition to the municipal authorities.

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