Calheta aquaculture cages to be replaced

Fish transferred into temporary cages

The Diario reports that in the next four to five days the sea off Calheta will be busy. Marismar – Aquaculture Marine is in the process of replacing two “fish farming” cells. The Regional Secretariat of Sea and Fisheries informed the Diario that the company had correctly requested authorization precisely because a license is required for the reparation works. Apparently the newspaper had received a number of calls from the public in the area alarmed at the amount of activity. Teófilo Cunha, Regional Secretary of Sea and Fisheries, reassures the Diario that “the request has been authorized” and that this operation will be under the responsibility of the aforementioned company, having notified the Funchal Captaincy and the Calheta City Council.

The operation will last “four to five days” and “includes the transfer of fish from cages to be repaired to replacement cages. Once the two replacement cages are complete, they return to their origin” he explained in a short statement. Teófilo Cunha visits Paul do Mar Varadouro tomorrow to inspect the works on the seafront costing €254,000. He is quoted as saying that he wants to undertake and guarantee “safe public access to the sea” through “rehabilitation” of existing spaces as well as the creation of new access.

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