Baby born on Via Rapida

Woman gives birth to a daughter on the motorway

The Journal (JM) reports that a 25-year-old woman from São Tomé and Príncipe gave birth to her daughter, early on Saturday morning, on the Rapida, from Machico to Funchal.

The young girl, Cisana Nunes, and her husband, Emanuel Nunes, were already on their way to the hospital when baby Victoria decided it was time to make an appearance. While her father continued to drive on the motorway, her mother in the back seat followed her instincts and gave birth on her own.

The husband admits that although nervous, he managed to keep his cool and continued driving. He called 112 and was referred to the medical team, who was giving instructions. The couple and baby arrived at the hospital which had a team ready to take care of the mother and baby.

“I can thank God that everything went well. Both 112 and the medical team were up to it,”, the father told JM today as he was preparing to take his wife and daughter home after they were discharged from hospital

Cisana Nunes cannot explain the strength she felt to give birth alone. “I think that despite the uncontrolled pains in my brain, I was brave and kept calm. I think I was guided by God and asked God and his father to look after me.”

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