Air transportation is the priority

Rising airfares and overcapacity a challenge for Madeira

JM reports that according to the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture Madeira has succeeded in elevating the tourism sector to a “never before reached level”, making it a unique destination based on genuine quality and sustainability. All this, Eduardo Jesus says, is not enough, as we depend on the particularities of the emitting markets and geopolitics. He was speaking at the closing session of the Annual Tourism Conference on Friday.

“We are taking losses and are facing a higher installed capacity in the sector. Everything is a challenge that concerns everyone”, concludes Eduardo Jesus.

“New challenges”

“As an island destination, we depend on air transportation. This is the priority of all priorities and we are working towards that” he said.

He highlighted the Annual Tourism Conference, for contributing to the formation of awareness to make better decisions and aiding the strategic thinking of the sector. In a world where tourism dynamics are changing all too often, the minister recalled the new challenges and global uncertainty.

Looks like hard times ahead for the tourism sector!

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