Airport problems continue

TAP blames “technical problems”

TAP planeThe last flight scheduled to arrive in Funchal last night (11:45 pm) TP 1691 from Lisbon, was cancelled according to information on the ANA website – the Portuguese Airports Authority. It is not clear if this was linked to weather conditions at Madeira airport yesterday afternoon.

This was the second flight to Madeira that was cancelled yesterday after a TAP A320 eventually landed in Porto Santo in the late afternoon after two failed attempts to approach the runway at Santa Cruz. The plane was later held in Porto Santo with ‘technical problems’ causing the cancellation of the return trip to Lisbon.

In total, the air movement scheduled yesterday for Madeira Airport ended with three cancelled flights (two arrivals, one departure) as well as problems encountered by other aircraft.

Three other lights from the mainland operated by TAP arrived late last night, and those scheduled to take place early this Friday morning so far seem to be proceeding normally.

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