Tourist Day to be held at Ribeiro Frio

São Roque do Faial seeks recognition

The Journal reports that the Casa do Povo (People’s House) of São Roque do Faial have said in a statement that next Saturday, August 10, it will organise a “Tourist Day” on the site of Ribeiro Frio.

“The main objectives of this activity are to take advantage of the tourist potential of that area of ​​our parish, to disclose our handicrafts, the uses and customs, as well as the activities of the People’s House and the cultural groups we have”, reads the press release.

“Since the Ribeiro Frio site is one of the places most visited by tourists visiting Madeira, this makes that site more known than the parish itself. Thus, we want to emphasize that Ribeiro Frio is one of the twelve places in our parish and that it may be better used to make the name of São Roque do Faial increasingly referenced, ”it adds.

The press release also emphasizes that the event aims to “publicize the award recently awarded to the Municipality of Santana, called Santana Madeira UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve”.

“To make Tourist Day a reality, we have prepared a diversified program so that whoever passes by Ribeiro Frio on August 10 feels that there is something different about that day. We will have a stand located at the entrance to the Balcões viewpoint, where the artisan products of our parish will be exhibited.

The area is certainly popular with photographers, with the two featured here being among the most iconic on the island.

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