Seixal – sea rescue services search for five days….

…before body eventually found off Ribeira da Janela

The body of the man who disappeared five days ago in the sea in the Seixal area, was found yesterday morning in the Ribeira da Janela, two-thirds of the way towards Porto Moniz, at the westernmost end of the north coast.

“The body is in a hard to reach area so firefighters are still figuring out how best to remove it,” Guerreiro Cardoso, the captain of the port of Funchal, told press agency Lusa. He also said that it seems to be the 35-year-old man who on Friday, August 10, fell overboard while catching crabs, “as he is identified by clothing and a tattoo”.

Guerreiro Cardoso also said that the authorities have already been informed and that the body will be handed over to their care. SANAS Madeira’s means were deployed during the search with a lifeboat, a lifeboat from Funchal’s Lifeguard Station, as well as members of the Forensic Diving Group and Underwater Operations of the Madeira Detachment Maritime Police.

By land, collaborators searched for elements of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Firefighters, as well as the Public Security Police. The warning for the disappearance of the 35-year-old man, who was accompanied by his stepfather, was given Saturday by the Civil Protection Service of Madeira.

SANAS Madeira revealed on Facebook what resources were involved in the five-day search for the 35-year-old man. In a recent post, they clarified that after the warning the vessel affects the Porto Moniz Rescue Station (SANAS105), arrived at the site “in less than 20 minutes”.

“The stormy sea made it difficult for us to go and also made it difficult to fight for the survival of the 35-year-old who was found and rescued only today at Ribeira da Janela. We strive for everything we could do, we secured the services we had to provide and we mobilized everything we could to find the body so that family and friends can perform funeral ceremonies for their loved one, ”writes SANAS Madeira, leaving“ thanks to all the tireless search and rescue entities that have shared the theater of operations ”, namely, St. Vincent and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters, Public Safety Police, Maritime Police, Shipwreck Relief Institute, Regional Civil Protection Service and MRSC Funchal.

The numbers of the five days of searches:

Vehicle – 1;
Boats – 2;
Search Hours – 40;
Miles of road – 200km;
Miles of ocean – 200km (around 120 nautical miles);
Litres of fuel – 470;

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