Resident discounts for travel to Porto Santo

€50 off air travel, €25 off Poto Santo ferry

According to Monday’s print edition of the Journal, starting in October, passengers resident in Madeira will be able to enjoy an immediate discount of up to €50 on the purchase of a plane ticket, and up to €25 on the purchase of a boat trip to Madeira. Porto Santo, Pedro Calado, Vice-President of the Regional Government, told JM.

The same newspaper online has published answers to questions that may arise about these changes to the Mobility Support Grant:

Where to buy discount travel?

In the case of air travel, they can be purchased through all Binter marketing channels.

In the case of sea travel, for the moment, it will only be possible to purchase discounted tickets up-front at Porto Santo Line stores at:
– Av. Do Mar and Madeiran Communities, nº 20
– Monumental Road, No. 175
– Estevão Alencastre Street, in Porto Santo.

Are there any changes to the documents to submit?

No. By registering and logging in to the ‘SIMplifica’ portal, the passenger who obtains the allowance at the time of purchase is not required to perform any other steps. In cases where the passenger requests the allowance after the trip, they will have to submit the documents provided by law, either by uploading to the platform or by delivering them on paper to the DRET or to the counter of the finance offices, in the same way. which has always been required since SSM-Porto Santo came into force in 2016.

What to do when it comes to group travel?

In the case of travel by a group of persons represented, formally or informally, by a single beneficiary who assumes himself as representative of the group. Each member of the group will have to register in advance on the SIMplifica portal for further validation of their data. The purchase of the trip must be made by the group representative and the consultations and validations will be made, automatically and individually, for each of the elements. In the case of non-validation of an element, this will not prevent the process of validation and advance payment of the subsidy to the remaining elements. Those group member (s) who have not validated at the time of purchase may apply for the grant after the trip has been made.

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