Remarkable clean-up at Monte

Before and after illustrates transformation

In a note published yesterday on Facebook, the Funchal City Council, Câmara Municipal do Funchal, illustrated the differences between the ‘before and after’ of the Monte party very visible, specifically in Largo da Fonte.

Demonstrating that “a few hours apart” the two photos at Largo da Fonte, taken yesterday morning, “in full celebration of the Festas em Honra de Nossa Senhora do Monte, the municipality “thanks all employees of the Municipal Environment Department for the extraordinary invisible work between Wednesday’s party and yesterday’s procession and mass, which was decisive for the success of these which are the largest religious festivities in Madeira and for fulfilling the expectations of the entire population”.

The two videos below show contrasting events at Monte over the weekend.



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  1. They do get the clean ups done very quickly and very efficiently after any event. We were there for carnival last year and watched the clean up – it was poetry in motion!


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