Mainland prisoners transferred to Madeira

Funchal prison at Cancela has spare capacity

Prisoners transferred at Madeira airportThe Diario reports that 35 prisoners arrived in Madeira at lunchtime today and were transferred from the airport to Funchal Prison in Cancela. The operation was completed in about half an hour, with security provided by dozens of PSP (Security Police) agents and prison guards.

According to the newspaper’s website, these inmates came from various prisons on the mainland and requested a transfer to Madeira.

In a press release, the Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services adds that the transferred inmates comprise of those who originated from Madeira, others who either expressed an interest in the transfer, or were prisoners who have no visitors.  All of these will now serve the remainder of their sentences in Madeira. The air transport was carried out using a Portuguese Air Force Hercules C130, which parked in the easternmost end of ​​the airport runway. Three vans and a minibus met the plane and collected the inmates near the rear ramp of the plane. They then went in convoy on the expressway, escorted by several PSP vehicles, including the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR). The arrival at the jail took place at 13:30.

Portuguese prison services confirmed today the transfer of 35 prisoners from several prisons from the continent to Funchal’s prison establishment in Madeira, which has an occupation capacity of 70%.

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