Echoes of the tragedy of the Monte tree fall in 2017

Nossa Senhora do Monte Mass held this morning

“At this moment, Our Lady of Monte will guarantee to the Madeiran people, as always, tranquillity, peace and harmony. And I think we have to be optimistic about the environment. ” The words are from Miguel Albuquerque, president of the Regional Government, who was attending Mass at the Monte church this public holiday.

“We cannot go back, we must do everything to ensure that life goes on, and that this party (Nossa Senhora do Monte Festival) remains the great festival of Madeira, our patron saint’s party,” said the chief executive, when asked about the echoes of the tragedy of the tree fall from Mt. August 2017.

The Bishop of Funchal, D. Nuno Brás, who led the mass,  made a sincere but firm appeal to the forthcoming election candidates: “may this time of election campaign be a time and a space for civilization.”

The head of the Madeiran Church spoke at the homily of the Mass that today is celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Conception, in Monte and which records the presence of the highest entities of the Region. The bishop of the diocese stated that, in the natural contrast that evidences the difference of ideas and proposals; In showing the difference of people, their capacities and projects, everyone must be able to maintain the heightened debate and respect for the dignity of the actors.

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