Apolo cafe to have outside space reduced

Landmark cafe has seating restricted

Apolo Cafe in central FunchalFN reports that the esplanade of the emblematic Restaurante Apolo, or, less pretentiously, the Apolo Cafe, in Rua António José de Almeida, has been reduced due to the forthcoming opening of a Pizzeria in next door. This new establishment will also have a terrace area which was being occupied by the well-known café-restaurant just opposite the Cathedral in the centre of Funchal.

Câmara Municipal do Funchal – City Council’s – communication office confirms that “an establishment will open next to the Apolo cafe, and we can only comment that between the two merchants and the condominium of the building an understanding has been reached about the placement of the respective terraces, the which CMF is aware.

The restriction of the Apolo Cafe space is not connected to the recent crack-down by the local authority on unlicensed street furniture in popular streets in Funchal, where they have impounded seating, tables and plants, notably in Rua da Carreira and the Old Town.

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  1. I am guessing that the new Pizza place is in what was the Millenium Bank premises? The Apolo where chunky in spreading onto that frontage so they cannot complain about being reduced to their original space.

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