Pigeon problems increasing in Funchal

Pigeons target esplanades in city centre

Pigeons invade cafe tableFN report “It was a matter of seconds. A customer who was standing on one of the terraces of Avenida do Mar, got up to go to the counter, and in the twinkling of an eye, the table was occupied by pigeons that immediately devoured the rice cake. A frequent picture on the esplanades of the city” (photo Rui Marote).

It is a situation can be found in several places in Funchal, and the pigeons are becoming more daring, invading tables even when there are people sitting at them. Most incidents are being seen in the Avenida do Mar, in the Farmers Market area, in Rua Dr Fernão de Ornelas and in Praça do Carmo. FN’s reporter notes that such incidents are not new, but observes that they have been getting worse recently. It is not unusual for people to feed the pigeons, usually with bread, which only encourages the situation

FN has put the problem, which begins to be worrying, to the Municipality of Funchal. The city authorities replied that “the Municipal Department of Environment has permanent on-site service teams, which monitors the contamination of the public road, where the feeding animals in the street is prohibited. ”

Local feeding pigeons

The city authorities explained that “in the case of pigeons, they are animals that proliferate due to the continuous availability of food in the urban environment, which necessarily hampers the strategies defined by the services to control this population. However, 2018 was a year marked by the implementation of an important Action Plan by the local authority, which defined several measures aimed at reducing the numbers in some of the colonies of pigeons, namely by feeding them with grains of corn impregnated with contraceptive”. “Indicators reveal that the strategy is on track”.

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