Airport wind speed has increased since 2015

Wind at Madeira Airport increases a knot

The Diario reports that the intensity of the wind in the area of ​​Madeira Airport has increased by a knot since 2015, a situation that may have contributed to several of the suspensions in the airport operation, according to the head of the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA).

“It is not known if this effect is temporary or if it is correlated with climate change and will always remain that way,” warned Victor Prior at a conference on the “Wind Regime in the Madeira Archipelago”. The meteorologist explained that the data available so far and the comparisons and studies that have been done show that wind strength has gradually increased a knot since 2015, but nevertheless recorded a “slight decrease” in 2018.

New monitoring equipment planned

“It is not much, but it is enough what we have seen to happen,” he said, referring to the increasingly frequent operational difficulties at Madeira Airport, located in the county of Santa Cruz, in the east of the island. Victor Prior indicated that a process of acquiring two precision equipment to measure the winds is underway and, therefore, to study the possibility of changing the mandatory limits currently in force.

“These devices will allow real-time measurement of turbulence and provide better information to aircraft,” he said, indicating they should be installed by the end of next year. “Then there will be a period of testing and from there the data will be presented and someone will decide what will be done in the future,” he concluded.

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