Nations League victory marks Portugal Day

Celebrations start early after Nations League triumph

Portugal win Nations LeaguePortuguese Prime Minister António Costa yesterday welcomed the victory of the Portuguese national team in the League of Nations football final, by beating the Netherlands 1-0, and observed that the commemorations of Portugal Day had started early.
“We won this first League of Nations. Portugal Day began a few hours earlier thanks to our team,” said António Costa, sending a “big hug” to national team player Fernando Santos and all players. “They made a game of great quality and with the deserved result,” he added.

A place in history

Another trophy in the remarkable career of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Times reports “Whatever status the trophy acquires over the decades to come, Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to claim that he was the first man to lift it. And we know he is a man rather partial to a place in football history”. Match report on the first ever final in this new UEFA competition here.

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