Latest video in Madeira series

“Eight Miles from Home” latest

In what is possibly their last video in the series filmed during their visit to the island the Eight Miles from Home team have added an account of their visit to Funchal on the last day of their visit. Previous offerings can be found here.

This is our Madeira travel guide to FULL TOURIST MODE in the city of Funchal! We had the intention to spend some money as it was our last day in Madeira Island. We did the Monte Palace Gardens, the Monte Basket Ride Toboggans which is a very iconic thing to do on holiday in Madeira. The Cable car down to the old city, and had dinner in the Story centre to end the day. We thought it’d be nice to share how much it costs to day a full touristy day in Funchal because you will be surprised at how it all adds up.

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