59 traffic accidents in one week

PSP record 59 traffic accidents

The Journal reports that the PSP (security police) recorded a total of 59 traffic accidents in the Region during the last week. The accidents were spread across the municipalities of Funchal (32), Câmara de Lobos (2), Ribeira Brava (1), Ponta do Sol (6), Porto Moniz (1), São Vicente (2), Santana (1), Machico (4) and Santa Cruz (10).

The accidents resulted in 31 minor injuries (17 in Funchal, 2 in Câmara de Lobos, 3 in Ribeira Brava, 6 in Ponta do Sol, 1 in Porto Moniz, 2 in São Vicente, 1 in Santana, 4 in Machico and 10 in Santa Cruz ), 2 seriously injured (Funchal and Machico) and 1 death (Funchal).

3 thoughts on “59 traffic accidents in one week”

  1. Madeira needs to get speed cameras on their motor ways. The cost to emergency services must be high, unless the government got money to burn. It would reduce person power on call outs as well.

  2. Maybe they should turn the roads into a giant dodgems track and take away normal cars. Then anyone could drive to their heart’s content and not worry about bumping into others.


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