madeiraislandnews to continue continues for time being

One of the blog’s associated websites,, will continue for the time being, although it was planned to discontinue this a couple of months ago. The site was set up a few years ago as an automated news-feed which combined with Google Translate to feature around 20 news stories daily in English using local Portuguese websites – all automatically, without any author input.
Initially it was thought that the Google search engine would penalise automated feeds which use auto-translate as directly “plagiarising” content published by other websites, albeit in another language, without attributing the source. However this seems to not have happened as yet, and the website continues to rate quite highly within the Google search engine, although the trend is distinctly downward recently.
Google is moving towards favouring originally authored content such as that posted here on this blog. Adverts have been turned off on madeiraislandnews, as Google no longer allows what it terms as automated “news exaggerators” to gain revenue through ad placement using their Adsense program. Expect the website to be turned off completely fairly soon, however, as Google moves in favour of “readability” rather than automated content.

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  2. While you’re at it fixing the error that Maurice already mentioned, please also take time to switch off the comments option in your WordPress, Since it’s a totally automated site, I suppose you also don’t pay attention to the posted comments there. Those look pretty weird and spammy to me…

    General question about the site to complete this comment: why discontinue it when it doesn’t take you any effort to keep it running (apart from renewing the domain name once a year)? Although I’m not a daily visitor of, I certainly do find it a handy place to quickly see what’s going on around me and stay updated on topics that aren’t covered by any other local (English) blogs.

  3. Apologies all – the website “broke” during a recent update – part of the way back up and running now, hopefully 100% operational soon.

    Steven – I take you point – Comments are actually set to “off” on the website, but seem to be appearing for some reason?!

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  5. Maurice – the theme authors and plugin developers are owning up to a big incompatibility issue – they are working on it now & expect to fix shortly. Out of our hands I am afraid!


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