Fire prevention in Ecological Park

€600,000 invested in fire prevention

The Mayor of Funchal says that there is an on-going concern on the part of the regional government, with the Ecological Park and the prevention of fires in the area. Paulo Cafôfo announced this morning during a visit to the site, an investment of €600,000 in fire prevention in that area.

Paulo Cafôfo stressed “the constant concern of the Regional Authorities with the Ecological Park, this time with a project that has both environmental impacts and the level of security of the city. This is one more preventive measure among several others that we have materialised during the year, since the removal of undergrowth, or with the planting and reforestation of the Park which, as is well known, has been badly affected by fires several times in recent years . “

The main purpose of this project is to instruct the prevention and primary fight against fire, and the mayor explained that “the training is being given this week by the Regional Civil Protection Service to 16 permanent employees of the Park, already with the respective equipment for their protection and individual security. In a situation of danger or urgency, the first intervention will be the responsibility of these employees, so they need to have all the conditions to carry out their mission.

The mayor also recalled that “in this context, a program of reforestation of the Ecological Park, budgeted at 1.4 million euros, started last year and lasts for three years. This is a deep work, as it involves the removal of weeds and the planting of about 288,000 plants in total, and that is proceeding at a good pace. Equally to be rehabilitated are 13km of trails, with the respective signage, which will increase the quality of access within the Park, and allow to enjoy this space with even more excellence. “

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