Calheta marina not reopening soon?

Calheta marina businesses concerned

Calheta marina - headlines says businesses in troubleThe Diario front page reveals that the businesses located in Calheta marina are apprehensive and short of money. This is mostly as a result of the delays in the payment of the compensations by the Regional Government. There has also been a reported exit of employees from some of the commercial establishments in the marina. The assembly of a third crane on the escarpment has raised the suspicion that the port will not reopen as soon as hoped. Work is being undertaken to stabilise the cliff face in Calheta, which has created some problems in recent times, not least the death of a young chef recently after a rockfall.
The picture opposite contrast with that below, showing the busy marina in better times.

Fashion Show

The latest event in the newly “stretched” Flower Festival today is the first edition of the ‘Madeira Flower Collection‘, which takes place from 6:00pm in the Praça do Povo, which will show the work of 11 fashion designers, all of them inspired by flowers. Admission is free.

Calheta marina in better times

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