Search resumed for missing tourists – updated

Levada da Encumeada – search resumed

The Diario reports that the Bombeiros Mistos da Ribeira Brava e Ponta do Sol, the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) and the  Polícia Florestal have this morning resumed their search for the couple of tourists that has been lost since yesterday afternoon, in Levada da Encumeada.

The alert appeared around 5:00pm yesterday and a GPS signal was reached through a mobile phone, which would indicate the location of the couple. The teams were expecting to find them at this point in the Levada de Encumeada, but this did not happen as expected. With nightfall the search became more difficult and had to be interrupted before resuming this morning. This 12.5kn path presents some degree of difficulty.

9:00am Monday – the Journal reports that the missing tourists were quickly found this morning.

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