Port of Funchal continues to grow

Tourist numbers up in first quarter

The Journal reports that the port of Funchal grew in all respects in the first quarter of this year, registering a 3.4% increase in stopovers and 14.3% increase in passengers compared to the same period last year. According to data from the Port Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (APRAM), passenger traffic increased from a total of 183,429 to 209,641 and the number of stopovers increased from 89 to 92.

The  port also registered an increase in the number of passengers who embarked or disembarked in the port of Funchal, which increased from 389  in the first three months of 2018 to 737 in the same quarter of this year, while the number of landings rose from 377 to 502. Whilst Funchal is a very busy port  for people visiting on a cruise ship, the number starting or ending their cruise in the port has always been relatively small

APRAM data also say that the month of March was the best for the port of the region with more scales (3%) and more passengers (17%).

APRAM is preparing to replace the 36 mooring berths on quays 2 and 3 at the port of Funchal, with a further 150 tonnes of capacity, in a process which is being adjudicated and must be on the ground in the first half of this year. year. This work will cost about €890,000 and allows the Atlantic port to become more competitive, “at a time when more and more ships are betting on higher tonnage and in which the cruise industry is clearly expanding,” explains the Administration of Ports. The improvements to the Port of Funchal will continue until 2021, to guarantee the permanent operation of the port.

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  1. Whilst cruise passenger numbers seem to be up it can probably be attributed to bigger ships. Looking at the port website, the number of ships stopping during June, July & August are fewer than previous years. Only six ships will visit during those months in 2019.

    I wonder if the plan to extend the main mole would make a difference? It would enable the quay adjacent Praça do Povo to be used which would be attractive to cruise lines as pax can disembark directly into the city centre(It’s a long walk from the Beer House along the frente do mar to the harbour and then along the mole).

    I think APRAM need to look seriously at their harbour fees compared to ports in the Azores and Canaries to ensure they don’t price themselves out of the market.

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