Madeira “pessimistic” about Easter season

Outlook not as good as other regions

The Journal reported recently that the Association of Hospitality of Portugal (AHP) had analysed the prospects for the forthcoming Easter period and prepared a “balance sheet” for the Carnival period just gone. The results released are based on a survey of its members between March 19 and 31 this year.

Regarding the expectations for Easter, AHP analysed both the global period of the school holidays and the weekend. For the school holidays, from April 8 to 22, 45% of hoteliers surveyed indicated that during this period the occupancy rate will be equal to Easter 2018. However, ARR (average room rate) and RevPar (revenue per available room) will be higher at 57% and 60% , respectively.

At the national level, the region that is clearly more optimistic about TO (occupation rate) and ARR is the Azores, where 80% of the respondents pointed out that both indicators will be better, while the least optimistic region is Madeira, where only 17% and 25% respectively indicated that they thought they would be better.

In TO, the second most optimistic region is the centre of mainland Portugal, where it will be better for 51% of hoteliers. Regarding RevPar, the most optimistic are the North and the Azores, where 78% and 70% of the hospitality sector answered that it will be better than the same period of the previous year. Here, also, Madeira is the least optimistic.

The average stay in all units will be equal to the previous year.

Also for the Easter weekend, April 18 to 21, expectations are more optimistic in all indicators. As in the case of the school holidays, the Easter weekend in the Azores and central mainland are also the most optimistic regions in the Occupancy Rate, with the hospitality sector inMadeira being the least optimistic. The same happens with ARR and RevPAR, where the most optimistic regions are the Azores and the North. With the exception of Madeira, all regions indicate that this weekend will be better than the same period of the previous year in all indicators except TO and Average Stay.

Rather a poor outlook for Madeira!

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