More 737 Max 8 flights cancelled.

Two more flights cancelled

Following on from the last post, the Diario reports that two more Boeing 737 Max 8 flights that were scheduled to leave Madeira last night were also cancelled.
These are the first consequences of the complete ban on the model operating in Europe. 
There are several charter companies flying to Madeira who use this model of the aircraft – TUI UK, NorwegianAir, Air Shuttle and Smartwings. The paper notes that the precautionary measure, for an indefinite period, could affect the tourism sector.
The largest operator at Madeira Airport, Portuguese flag carrier TAP, mostly use Airbus planes.

3 thoughts on “More 737 Max 8 flights cancelled.”

  1. Just in case anyone thought TUI UK meant that only flights to and from the UK are affected, apparently flights by TUI from Finland are also affected.

    (While I know that TUI do fly to Madeira from Finland, I don’t know what aircraft types they’ve been using.)

  2. Far too simplistic an idea, I know, but with all the upheaval the Airline business has seen in recent months in relation to companies folding up etc. – you would have thought that there would be a surplus of substitute planes available for hire to Boeing max 8 operators at present, so that maybe disruption can be reduced until the Authorities deem this safety issue to have been resolved.

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