Lack of trust in politicians

Report illustrates lack of trust

Following up on the study commissioned by the Regional Government reported in the last post. The survey of more than 5000 Madeirans by Aximage examined the degree of trust and distrust felt by locals in various professionals and politicians they dealt with.
The conclusions are that locals rely more on teachers (56%) than doctors (50%) and lawyers (27%).
Not surprisingly, in politics, distrust in the Government is 41% and the Prime Minister 37%. It is in Funchal where those who inspire the least confidence are the political leaders and the deputies.

The report also included key indicators for some of the main municipalities on the island:

Porto Moniz
Trade: A single very small supermarket.
Construction and planning: Construction of a heliport that does not work.
Positive: Security, Environmentalism, Education and Traffic and parking;
Negative: Employment, Trade, Agriculture and Transport.



Ribeira Brava
Education: School in good condition; has conservatory of music.
Trade: little trade; Establishments close too early; Sítio da Furna without supermarket.
Positive: Security, Environmentalism, Education and Traffic and parking;
Negative: Agriculture and Transport.

Câmara de Lobos
Education: New school about to be inaugurated solves a problem of the old school (located in a scarp).
Shopping: There is a supermarket in the upper area.
Construction and planning: Difficult access to Curral das Freiras; Curral das Freiras Road to be finished; Pools not used for lack of users; Recent opening of a nursing home.Positive: Tourism, Environmental and Traffic and parking;
Negative: Safety and Construction.

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