International Women’s Day.

Event at Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

Following on from the previous post on domestic violence, the Women’s Democratic Movement (MDM-Madeira) will hold an event at 6:30 pm tonight at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre in the centre of Funchal. There will be various themes related to International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 and Professor Joao Aerosa will be the keynote speaker. Areosa has several works and publications in this area.
“In the 21st century, there are still many reasons for the struggle of men and women for equal rights without gender discrimination, including access to work and equal pay for equal work. Even today, women continue to be deprived of access to work, through their female biological condition as pregnant and nursing; even today they continue to earn less than men, and it is even predicted that this inequality can only be rebounded within 170 years”, writes the MDM-Madeira in a statement sent to the press.
“Even today, women are the first to be fired and the most harassed morally and sexually in their workplaces. Even today, there is a certain “feminisation” of work, limiting or hindering the integration of women into “traditional” male professional careers.

The Guardian has “live” coverage of International Women’s Day 2019 as celebrations and protests take place around the world.

Marítimo Football Club will be celebrating International Women’s Day by giving female fans and club members free entry to Saturdays game against Moreirense. The game is scheduled to start at 15.30 at the teams home ground in Funchal.

A century after being allowed the female vote in Germany, Berlin has become the first city in the EU to declare a holiday on International Women’s Day.

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