“Insularity, Imprisonment and Isolation”

A portrait of the island?

The Journal published in its printed edition yesterday a social study that characterises all the major municipalities of Madeira. The research was commissioned by the Regional Government from the company Aximage, which surveyed the opinion of more than five thousand people.

They survey identified the factors actors that influence the experiences and attitudes of Madeirans, controversially:

– Insularity: The fact that it is an island generates feelings of imprisonment and isolation; The identified gaps in the transport sector substantially condition this perception.

– Dependence: Although it is an Autonomous Region, dependence on the Government of the Republic and the Continent generates feelings of impotence and some subjugation.

– Patriachism: The State assumes a predominant role in society, having a power, domination and influence in all sectors; The influential Government, even with private entities, seems to still play a decisive role.

– Compadrio: The influences / contacts have a primordial weight in the day to day of the Madeirans; The importance of having influential friends assumes some relevance to the achievement and access to various sectors.

Can’t establish exactly who Aximage are – their .pt website is down at the moment.



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  1. Has they been any study on the Azores they problem must be the same/ Islands bt nature the saying go. Islands are heaven when things are good they are hell when it not

  2. I think that most of us that have been associated with Madeira for the past 20 years or more will agree that we have seen great changes in that period ( not always for the better!!) but in being catapulted into the 21st century, the island seems to have missed out on a couple of decades of development imo.

    Health and safety, animal welfare, homelessness and drug addiction are just some of the topics highlighted in the posts we read on this blog that support that claim and yes small steps to address these problems are being taken.

    However frustratingly, maybe for some or all the reasons mentioned in this survey the transport links to the Island are not being dealt with in the way other Island economies have done so.

    In trying to “hunt down” a potential ferry for this years Portimão link ( no luck so far) I came across a RO-RO cargo ferry I knew from my old port in the UK – now running from Huelva to Canaries on hire to Fred Olsen who have initiated a joint service with an expanding Spanish company Balearia providing a RO Pax passenger vessel and this ro-ro cargo vessel on a three times a week service.

    This is the example of the way forward for Madeira, if the figures don’t support an independent service to mainland Portugal ( which I feel would be profitable) then drop the possible National rivalry and join in with a combined Canaries – Madeira – Mainland service and help relieve the isolation.

  3. I totally agree with their findings but would put Compadrio at the very top of this islands list of ailments. Until this ‘tradition’ is properly challenged and defeated Madeira will never become truly democratic and progressive

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