Call for Brits to register in Portugal

Ambassador calls for Brits to register before Brexit

Awful news coming from New Zealand this morning. Thought go to all the victims and their families. Senseless.

Maurice sent a link – thank you – to the Portugal News, and reports that the British Ambassador to Portugal, Chris Sainty, has this week launched a renewed appeal for British living in Portugal to register with local authorities to avoid potential heartache in the future.
In an interview this week with the newspaper before addressing several hundred members of the British community in Lagos and São Brás de Alportel, Ambassador Sainty explained that a “large part of my job as Ambassador has revolved around our departure from the EU and the impact of Brexit here in Portugal”.
“The good news in Portugal is that the government here has for long said, provided rights of Portuguese nationals living in the UK are protected, and they will be, UK nationals in Portugal will enjoy reciprocal protection”, explained the Ambassador.

Link to the Ambassadors twitter feed opposite, and the full interview can be read here

4 thoughts on “Call for Brits to register in Portugal”

  1. Mind you, it looks like Brexit will never happen. The population voted to leave but mps have messed up every vote with the intention of the process failing.

  2. I think I read last month that the British Consul Simona Demuro is holding a Q & A session for the British Community at Centro Comunitário do Funchal on 21st March 1730 – 1830 (though Teatro Baltazar Dias) is quoted as the venue on some sites.

    After this weeks events I’m not sure what answers she could possibly have! – her bosses certainly haven’t any or perhaps they are just hoping to emulate another long running Whitehall Farce – calling it “No Brexit please – we’re British”

    With no pre- referendum plan, the last few days in Westminster have made a mockery of the fact that ” because of the Sovereignty of Parliament the referendum was not legally binding and therefore purely advisory”
    If Parliament can’t make a decision and the electorate aren’t allowed to, who will make a decision?? – perhaps the EU, as they are no doubt as fed up of the whole process as I’m sure most of us are.

  3. The Eu needs to make changes quickly and learn to listen to another persons gripe and say this has been going on too long and defuse it quickly as well. Get out the office and talk to the people. The history books full of leaders not listening and paid dearly for their mistakes. People will have more confidence in politics and leaders then. Dragging heels gets world no where. Learning from mistakes do make a happy voters.

  4. Portuguese said to me Those who work make mistakes Those done work not dont make mistakes. Learn and move on and do action today is better then sorry tomorrow.

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